Roof Cleaning

The Roof Cleaning Process

The SoftWash Roof Restoration Roof Cleaning Process

Simply put, we remove the filth, mold and algae and restore the original beauty of your roof! 

How do we do it?

We GENTLY WASH away the nasty algae and mold stains to restore your commercial or residential roof and siding to it’s original beauty. No more algae, moss or mold! Safe for slate, terracotta, metal and asphalt shingles roofs. Why replace your otherwise perfectly  good roof when you can bring it back to life with a Soft Wash Roof Restoration.

Do you use chemicals?

YES. We use a patented, eco-friendly and pet-friendly solution to gently wash away the filth. Our solution will NOT harm your plants, your pets or the environment.

Do you use high pressure to wash?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Cleaning a roof with high pressure water can damage your roof and so can some of the chemicals typically used by many power washing companies. Our technician will only use low pressure equipment and surface-tested solutions to gently remove the dirt and organic materials from your roof.

Will you climb on my roof?

softwash roof cleaning and restorationOnly if necessary. We prefer to service your roof from a ground position or from a strategically placed ladder. However, in some instances it is impossible to reach certain surfaces so our technician may need to walk on your roof. Note that our service crew includes experienced roofing installation and maintenance contractors that know how to safely walk on your roof without damaging your property or themselves. We are a fully protected liability insured contractor.

Which Areas Do You Serve?

Our primary focus is on Delaware County, Chester County and lower Montgomery County in south-eastern Pennsylvania. SoftWash Roof Restoration is rapidly growing and expanding our service area in the process. Please feel free to inquire about our services if you live in a nearby community.